Ten years ago I founded Sa Vie Films, a premium photography and video studio that tells stories beyond a wedding celebration. We’re a robust team of cinematographers and editors now in which I proudly serve as creative director. I’ve been working on the redefinition of love stories, a way to go further and connect with new audiences through refined visual media.  

A Signature Line of Sa Vie Films

This is my top and exclusive version of a really high-end wedding film. Projects personally filmed and edited by myself, in which there are no limits in the creative process, neither in the technical.

Recent projects:

I like to play with time and the order of how the story is told through the narrative process. The way I build every film is by structuring sequences, each one with a specific purpose and emotion to communicate. In my wedding films, each sequence must function as a separate video on its own, giving my clients the option of sharing various videos on social media or the complete short film.


About me:

Based in Guadalajara MX | World-wide service.

As I progressed in my filming career, I began falling in love with the real stories, the ones that really let me connect and intimate as I tell them. I found that being in that present moment and telling a good story out of it is my thing.

Alongside weddings, I’m into the documentary industry, currently shooting my first feature film and helping individuals and organizations telling stories that evoke truth and their vision to life or business.

A beautiful 4k-cinema resolution film.

The tech specs | Look & Feel

I film alongside the best cinematographers in Sa Vie Films and we do it with the Sony Cinemaline gear with which I’m shooting my feature film. And even beyond that, last year I built and got into FPV drones that gave me a completely new and dynamic point of view of a location or setup.

The true cinematic and narrative communication will last forever. It isn´t just a trend. I just add an extra spice of contemporany look & feel.

FPV Drone Recap

Included in every cinematography bundle.

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