In a celebration of love that went beyond the ordinary and exceeded all expectations, Hábitas Bacalar provided the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable union. Jessica and Josh embarked on their journey as a union of love, surrounded by art, culture, and cherished connections.

Their wedding unfolded over three magical days, with each moment serving as a testament to the special bond they share and the profound impact of their love story on all who witnessed it.

The melody from our teaser became the cherished soundtrack of Jessica & Josh's love story as they shared their first dance

A Stunning Entrance

Jessica and Josh's wedding was a beautiful love story. Each moment felt special and connected. On the first day, they had a ceremony led by Maya in ancient ruins, a guest with a deep understanding of pre-Hispanic cultures in Mexico.

On the second day, Jessica and Josh arrived on paddle boards, and their friend sang a welcoming song. It was a happy moment that showed their journey together.

Also on the second day, Eduardo Castillo, the visionary behind the hotel concept and creative director, performed live.

Everyone felt excited and inspired as they watched him bring his vision to life.

After the paddle surf and a delicious dinner, the celebration continued with activities like sound healing, yoga, and face painting. Guests enjoyed each other's company, sharing stories and laughter late into the night. The wardrobe change, reminiscent of Burning Man, added an extra touch of fun, symbolizing the strong bond between Jessica, Josh, and their friends.

We are grateful to have witnessed such a beautiful expression of love and unity.


Photo - Valeria Bross

Venue - Habitas Bacalar

Touchup - Ale Piedra

Body by Raj