A Spectacular Blend of Tradition and Modernity in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Nicole + Jahir

A Peek Inside Chapter 2

Nicole and Jahir's Wedding

Nicole and Jahir's wedding was a celebration unlike any other, blending tradition and modernity amidst the stunning landscapes of Oaxaca, a choice made even more poignant by Jahir's native roots in the region. Despite Nicole and Jahir not being native to the area, their union in Oaxaca symbolized a beautiful merging of cultures and traditions.

The festivities commenced with a vibrant "calenda," a lively procession led by Luis Rodrigo, featuring the iconic elements of Oaxacan culture - from colorful costumes to the spirited sounds of banda music and the presence of the traditional "toritos" guided by handlers adorned as monkeys.

The Calenda, marking the beginning of the patron saint festivities in the Central Valleys, served as a joyous proclamation, inviting all to partake in the revelry.

The Planner House, originating from Guadalajara, showcased their expertise in event curation, seamlessly blending traditional elements with modern flair to craft an unforgettable spectacle for Nicole and Jahir's wedding.

Their meticulous planning and attention to detail were evident in every aspect of the celebration, from the personalized ceramic cups distributed among guests to the abundance of mezcal and miniature bottles of crema mezcal, all of which embodied the essence of Oaxacan hospitality.

Guests were left in awe, as The Planner House ensured that every moment of the event reflected a harmonious fusion of culture, joy, and love, creating memories that would last a lifetime.

Santo Domingo Temple

The couple exchanged vows in the historic Santo Domingo Temple, an iconic landmark in Oaxaca's heart, adding a touch of solemnity and tradition to their union.

Rancho Cebú

The venue for the celebration was the picturesque Rancho Cebú, nestled in the outskirts of Oaxaca, a mezcaleria that provided a perfect backdrop for the festivities.

From personalized ceramic cups distributed among friends to the generous servings of mezcal and miniature bottles of crema mezcal, every detail exuded the essence of Oaxacan hospitality.

Traditional and contemporary entertainment

Guests were treated to a sensory feast, with performances ranging from ambient music by Martelé to DJ Isaí HDZ's electrifying beats. The evening unfolded like a theatrical production, with surprises at every turn - from a tower of champagne glasses to sparklers illuminating the entrances.

The culmination of the evening featured a mesmerizing fusion of traditional and contemporary entertainment, including a captivating violin performance accompanied by dazzling pyrotechnics.