In the heart of Charlotte, North Carolina, a love story unfolded over four enchanting days. The fusion of tradition and modernity marked each celebration, creating a tapestry of joy, colors, and cherished moments. A BR Studio wedding in collaboration with Sa Vie Films.

Savvy + Samy

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Day One: Haldi Ceremony

The festivities commenced with the Haldi ceremony, a vibrant ritual where the couple adorns themselves in yellow with a special paste. Hosted at the parents' residence, nestled near a golf course, the intimate gathering of close family members radiated warmth. The respectful address of 'uncles' and 'grandparents' added a touch of endearment to the occasion.

Day Two: Mehndi Celebration

Following the Haldi, the Mehndi celebration unfolded, where the hands of the bride and her female friends were adorned with intricate henna designs. Another aunt's home, this time situated near a different golf course, provided the backdrop for this women-centric event, fostering laughter and camaraderie.

Day Three: Sangeet Extravaganza

The third day marked the Sangeet, a traditional ceremony filled with vibrant colors. Dressed in the traditional blue attire of their region in India, the bride and groom showcased unique choreographed dances amidst friends and family. The venue, Camp End, a transformed automobile factory adjacent to a train track, resonated with the rhythm of joy and celebration.


Day Four: Grand Finale at Ritz Carlton

The grand finale unfolded at the iconic Ritz Carlton in downtown Charlotte. The groom adorned himself in traditional attire, while the bride radiated elegance with an abundance of necklaces and earrings, complemented by a ceremonial sword. The day began with a lively procession of the groom's friends, clad in green and carrying drums, creating an exuberant atmosphere. At the ceremony venue, women friends sought financial contributions in exchange for the bride's hand.

The religious ceremony unfolded within the chapel, followed by a heartfelt photo session with friends and family. As the night descended, the formalities gave way to a spectacular celebration at the hotel, where everyone donned Western formal attire. Emotional and entertaining speeches from friends and family added a personal touch to both the Sangeet and the grand finale, leaving lasting memories of a love-filled journey that transcended borders and embraced the richness of tradition.


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